Childrens Dentistry

If you are looking for a dental practice to bring your child to then our family orientated practice might be the place to meet your child’s needs.

Children’s Dentistry is vitally important to our practice ethos, as our preventative approach is aimed at children to help eliminate the risk of future dental problems.

We do this in a fun environment teaching your child all the necessary life skills to prevent dental disease. We offer routine examinations and cleans, as well as all treatments including orthodontics. All our patients are treated with a regular application of a Fluoride varnish to help prevent decay.  We also offer oral health education sessions for those children who would benefit from further dental advice.  Throughout the year we have Kids Clubs that are fun filled day events that are specifically tailored to the needs of children.

Most of our children patients are Denplan members as there are different categories to suit individual needs. If you would like to look over the different items of service in each Denplan category then please follow the link “children’s prices”

If you would like your child to be part of our practice or need further information then please contact us.

Why bring your child to Boldmere Dental Practice?

  • Have a history of successfully treating family generations
  • A fun and educational environment for your child
  • Focus on preventing dental disease
  • Regular kids clubs to get your child engaged in dental health

What happens at a child examination?

We will provide a warm welcome to make your child feel at ease and comfortable. Our relaxed and educational  approach allows your child the opportunity to gain the most from the session. In the examination we will:

  • Assess your child’s concerns as well as yours as a parent
  • Assess your child’s general health and well being
  • Assess your child’s oral hygiene regime and diet
  • Assess your child’s facial muscles, jaw joints and facial lymph nodes
  • Provide orthodontic assessment
  • Risk Assessment for gum disease
  • Risk Assessment for dental decay
  • Risk Assessment for tooth wear
  • Provide summary of your child’s dental health
  • Provide long term preventative plan
  • Discuss treatment options
  • Provide written treatment plan

How often should my child visit?

This is based on our risk assessment. If your child is high risk to dental decay and gum disease we will see them every 3 months. If your child is low risk we will routinely see them every 6 months.

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Our Dental Services

  • Facial Aesthetics
    New to the practice

    Some people are concerned with the facial ageing process with common concerns being wrinkling as well as a loss of structure and volume from their face.

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  • Repair Your Teeth

    There are many ways to repair teeth but the most commonly used techniques are fillings and crowns. There are also different materials that can be used such as metallic, resin and ceramic based materials.

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  • Clean Your Teeth

    Our dental hygiene service forms an essential part of our practice ethos as we aim to prevent dental decay and gum disease. Our highly skilled dental hygienists have been successfully cleaning and maintaining healthy mouths for many years.

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  • Relieve Your Dental Emergency

    If you have a broken tooth or are suffering from toothache our team will work extremely hard on your behalf to prioritise your emergency.

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  • Replace Your Missing Teeth

    For some having missing teeth can be an aesthetic concern affecting confidence. For others it can be a functional problem as it can impact upon your ability to chew your favourite foods.

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  • Whiten Your Teeth

    The Enlighten whitening system that we use is specifically designed to brighten and rejuvenate your smile. We have been using this system for many years as the results are exceptional.

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  • Straighten your Teeth

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  • Smile Makeovers

    If you lack confidence in the appearance of your teeth than a smile maker may be the solution. Smile makeovers involve a combination of treatments such as teeth whitening, white fillings, veneers, crowns, braces and dental implants.

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