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We offer a dental hygiene service to keep your teeth and gums clean, healthy and sparkling.sandra

Our highly trained and dedicated team of dental hygienist and dental nurses will be on hand to assist you with achieving your long term goals.

Our dental hygiene service forms an essential part of our practice ethos as we aim to prevent dental decay and gum disease. Our highly skilled dental hygienists have been successfully clearachelning and maintaining healthy mouths for many years.

We provide patient advice sessions to discuss any concerns, as well provide advice on your cleaning regime and diet. Our hygiene visits involve having your teeth cleaned with a scale and polish, debridement or air abrasion.amy

For our patients regular hygiene care forms an essential part of their long term preventative plan.


What does your hygiene visit include?

  • Risk Assessment of your gum health and oral hygiene status
  • Advice regarding your daily oral cleaning regime and diet
  • Tooth cleaning with the removal of plaque and calculus from your teeth with a variety of different techniques and instruments such as hand scalers, ultrasonics and air abrasion.

Why do you need a hygiene visit?

Over 80% of dental decay occurs in areas where the toothbrush cannot get to such as between the teeth and in the deep pits and fissures of teeth. Our hygienists are able to clean in these difficult to reach areas, as well as advise you on your oral cleaning regime.

Also over 90% of the population suffer from a mild form of gum disease known as gingivitis. Most people are not aware of having gingivitis but it always starts with bleeding gums when they brush or floss. Our team will work with you to eliminate gingivitis and prevent it progressing.

15% of the population suffer from an advanced form of gum disease known as periodontitis. This is when the gum and bone attached to your teeth is slowly eroded away resulting in mobile teeth and future tooth loss. For those susceptible to periodontitis our team are highly skilled in performing either a deep clean known as root surface debridement or a full mouth disinfection. With us all working together our long term aim is prevent periodontitis being a long term problem.

How often should you visit the hygienist?

This depends on several factors, but it generally comes down to what your wishes are, as well as your risk to dental decay and gum disease.

For those who are high risk to dental disease we recommend a 3 monthly hygiene visit. Evidence has shown that regular visits reduces the risk of future dental problems.

For those with mouths that are well maintained we recommend a 6 monthly hygiene visit. This way we are able reinforce your tooth cleaning regime as well as clean those difficult to reach areas.

Do you offer different types of cleans during a hygiene visit?

The answer is yes. We offer different cleans based on your wishes as well as your risk of gum disease

Scale and Polish
This involves the general removal of plaque and calculus using a variety of techniques such as hand scaling and ultrasonic cleaning. For those who are prone to sensitivity we use a de sensitising ointment prior to cleaning.

This procedure is performed for maintenance, as well as for those who have a mild form of gum disease known as gingivitis.

This procedure is otherwise known as root planing. It involves a deep clean in localised areas that are suffering from more advanced gum disease known as periodontitis.

This procedure is performed with specifically designed instruments to clean under the gums in the infected areas.

Full Mouth Disinfection
This procedure is performed on those suffering from a more aggressive form of gum disease. It is indicated in those who have clean mouths but still have advanced form of the disease.

The procedure involves an intense, deep clean of all your teeth over two separate appointments. Antibiotics and anti bacterial ointments are used to allow your gums to heal and repair.

Air Abrasion
Air abrasion is used to remove deep stains from teeth. It involves fine silica particles being placed on your teeth under high pressure

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    Our dental hygiene service forms an essential part of our practice ethos as we aim to prevent dental decay and gum disease. Our highly skilled dental hygienists have been successfully cleaning and maintaining healthy mouths for many years.

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