For those who have no teeth or multiple missing teeth a removable denture that clips onto dental implants is a great solution to a common problem.

Many people struggle with having no teeth and an increasing number of people struggle with dentures that are not stable.

Whether you have an existing denture that can be modified or need a new denture, an implant supported denture is a great solution that allows you to have confidence when eating and talking.

It works by specially designed attachments inserted inside the denture that allow the denture clip onto the dental implants buried beneath the gum.

The example given is someone who had no upper teeth remaining. They had a denture for many years that they like the feel of however they wanted to improve their ability to chew food. They opted for a denture that clipped onto a metal bar that was supported on 4 dental implants. They were over joyed with the final result as they were able to eat and chew without worrying about their denture.

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Our Implant Services

  • Single Front Tooth

    For those who have gaps between their remaining teeth it can effect confidence when smiling and it can also be a problem when chewing food.

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  • Single Back Tooth

    For some having a missing back tooth can affect their ability to eat their favourite foods. Being unable to chew food effectively through not having back teeth can impact upon your diet.

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  • Bridge

    An implant supported bridge is a great solution for filling gaps that you may have between your remaining teeth.

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  • Full Arch Bridge

    For some ending up with no teeth can be a prolonged and painful journey whereby they knew they inevitably would end up with no teeth in an entire jaw.

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  • Denture

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