Whiten Your Teeth

The Enlighten whitening system that we use is specifically designed to brighten and rejuvenate your smile. We have been using this system for many years as the results are exceptional.

Whether you have discoloured or stained teeth our two week whitening programme offers predictable results that will enhance your smile. Ask our patients.


What does teeth whitening involve?

Once you have opted for teeth whitening your first appointment will be for photos, shade taking and impressions. The impressions taken will be used to make custom designed bleaching trays that are specifically designed for your teeth. We will also give you a toothpaste called Tooth Serum which you will use morning and night prior to your second appointment. This toothpaste contains calcium and phosphate preparing your teeth for the whitening process.

10 days later you will have your second appointment. In this appointment we will give you your bleaching trays and the Enlighten whitening kit. Inside the kit will be small syringes containing a weak concentration of carbamide peroxide. We will talk you through in detail how to use the bleaching trays and syringes.

You will then begin the 2 week whitening treatment. During this time you will wear the bleaching trays containing the carbamide peroxide at night time only.

The day after this two week period you will then have your third appointment. During this appointment you have the option of whitening your teeth further, with In House Tooth Whitening. This appointment will be an hour long and involves you sitting chairside whilst we lighten you teeth using different concentrations of carbamide peroxide.

Once finished we then take the after photos to show you the final result.

Will my teeth become sensitive?

Sensitivity is a known side effect during whitening treatment. To overcome this Enlighten have designed a toothpaste called Tooth Serum. This toothpaste is used morning and night 10 days before the whitening treatment. The toothpaste contains Calcium and Phosphate which helps prepare your teeth for whitening and prevents sensitivity during the 2 week treatment.

Also in the Enlighten Whitening Kit there is an ointment that contains a high concentration of Calcium and Phosphate. This ointment can be used on specific teeth that are sensitive.

Despite sensitivity being a known side effect during whitening treatment due to use implementing the above processes it rarely occurs. Even when it does occur it is easily managed with the ointment provided and subsides after treatment.

How long does the whitening last?

As long as you enter the maintenance phase your new whiter brighter smile will last. The maintenance phase involves using your bleaching trays with syringes of Enlightens maintenance carbamide peroxide one night every 2 months.

We have to factor in whether you smoke, as well as your diet but in general if you conform to the above protocol your lighter teeth will stay the same in the long term.

Will my teeth whiten evenly?

As long as your teeth are healthy the whitening effect will occur evenly across your teeth. There are exceptions however. If your teeth have white or brown spots the whitening process will make these areas less noticeable but they still will be present. Also if you have crowns or large fillings these area will not lighten compared to natural teeth. Despite this sometimes this can add to the natural look as shown below.

Does teeth whitening harm teeth?

Teeth Whitening is suitable if your teeth are strong and healthy and discolouration has occurred through natural processes.

Teeth Whitening is not suitable for those who have dental decay, excessive tooth wear or gum disease. In these cases tooth whitening can irritate the dental tissues and cause problems in the long term.

The legislation regarding tooth whitening has changed over recent years as the concentration of carbamide used for teeth whitening is now controlled. The Enlighten System has been at the forefront of this change, as it has produced several safety studies showing that its products are safe. The tooth whitening process has been shown to not effect the integrity and structure of teeth.



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