Case Studies

Case 1
Elderly gentlemen who wanted to replace his missing front teeth

An elderly gentlemen who only wanted to replace his missing front teeth with dental implants. A long term plan is in place in case other teeth fail.

Case 2
Middle aged lady had some failing back teeth

This middle aged lady had some failing back teeth. The teeth were removed and two implants were placed. A few months later the crowns were fitted.

Case 3
Failing bridge, part replaced with implants

A 55 year old lady had a failing bridge. Part of the bridge was removed and replaced with an implant supporting two teeth in the form of a bridge. A bone graft was placed to increase bone volume. Treatment took few months to complete.

Case 4

Case 5
Replacing back teeth and cosmetic crowns

This delightful lady was concerned with the look of two old crowns top left. She also had a failing bridge bottom left that kept on detaching. The plan was to replace the failing bridge with dental implants and to replace the old crowns with two new ceramic crowns. We initially removed the bridge and the supporting teeth. We waited 3 months for the area to heal at which time we placed 3 dental implants. All the teeth bottom left were replaced with a ceramic bridge supported on 3 dental implants beneath the gum. Treatment was complete once the ceramic crowns were fitted top left. The work was performed by Liam Esposito and his team. The patient was delighted with result and we as a team would like to thank her as she always brought cake to every appointment.

Case 6
Missing front and back teeth

This 62 year old lady who has been with the practice for over 10 years was fed up wearing dentures. After years of struggling to eat her favourite foods she decided to replace her missing teeth with a fixed solution. We opted to place 3 dental implants beneath the gum top left. Once healed 2 months later we then placed a fixed bridge which she was delighted with. Top right we opted for an acrylic bridge which was supported by her own teeth. In the long term we anticipate that we may need to replace teeth in this area but for now this bridge is a cost effective solution until eventually we may need to replace teeth. This treatment was performed by Liam Esposito and his team.

Case 7
Dental implants and gums

After a lifetime of being susceptible to gum disease this lady through us all working together managed to get her gums healthy and stable. Because of this she opted to have two teeth replaced top left to give herself more confidence when smiling. We placed two dental implants beneath the gum that can be seen on the X ray. We then constructed two crowns that are screwed onto the implants as shown. The treatment took three months to complete and the patient was delighted with the result. This lovely lady is highly motivated to keep her teeth clean which makes the end result look fantastic. The treatment was completed by Liam Esposito and his team.

Case 8
Dental implant and a baby tooth

This young lady had a baby canine tooth that had functioned perfectly well for many years. However when she got into her 20′ the tooth became loose and fell out. There was no adult tooth present so she opted to have the tooth replaced with a dental implant. It took 3 months for the treatment to be completed. She is now at university and is living life to the full. Treatment was completed by Liam Esposito and his team.

Case 9
Missing back tooth and grinding

This 40 year old lady has been with the practice for over 15 years. She has a stressful job and is aware of grinding her teeth. She broke a tooth upper right which needed removing and we opted to replace the tooth with a dental implant. She now wears a bite guard at night to help protect her teeth and implant. Treatment took 3 months to complete and was performed by Liam Esposito and his team

Case 10
Replacing a molar

This gentleman has been a patient for 20 years. He had a missing lower right molar which he had debated for many years about replacing. His main reason for replacing the tooth was that he was getting things stuck in the gap and it was annoying him. He opted to replace the tooth with a dental implant as he wanted longevity. The treatment took 3 months and was performed by Liam Esposito and his team.

Case 11
Full lower denture and dental implants

This lovely gentlemen decided to have all of his lower teeth removed as they were loose and as he put it not nice to look at. He decided to have a full lower denture that would clip onto two implants like a press stud. The photos above show the full denture in the laboratory and the two small attachments on the inside of the denture. These attachments then clip onto the two implants that can be seen in the mouth. We were all delighted with the result as he was able to smile with confidence and the denture felt nice and secure. He was so grateful that he left us a lovely review.

“I have been a patient at Boldmere Dental Practice since 1983/84 and received excellent treatment but in 2018 at the age of 79 I decided it was time to grasp the nettle and go for implants to secure my lower denture. The decision has been very successful. Liam and his team have guided me all the way through the process to a very successful conclusion. To say there was no discomfort throughout the 6 months of treatment would be dishonest but I was prebriefed as to what to expect and the final outcome has far outweighed that inconvenience. Thanks Liam to you and all your team for the very caring treatment and attention to detail shown to me . I was able to fulfil my speaking engagement with confidence.”


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