Gum Health Day 2019


12th May 2019 was gum health day to highlight the importance of gum health and how it affects self-confidence and wellbeing to the public.

In support of this let’s look at 8 facts about gum disease:

1. Bleeding gums are not normal – if you have this you should see you dentist/hygienist as soon as you can

2. Interdental cleaning and brushing daily is the best way to prevent gum disease

3. Severe gum disease is the 6th most common human disease

4. Gum disease is being linked to other health problems such as diabetes and its control as well as heart disease

5. It is estimated half the UK population have early gum disease

6. If you’re a smoker you are 4x more likely to have gum disease

7. If left untreated gum disease can lead to tooth abscess, loose teeth, tooth loss, bad breath and recession

8. Gum disease may be sign of another health issue

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