Mouth Cancer Action Month

It’s Mouth Cancer Action Month this month so we thought we would use our latest blog to make sure you know what signs and symptoms to look out for. Our dentists will check for signs of mouth cancer at every examination but it’s important that you know how to check for it too.

Here are 6 simple steps for mouth cancer self-examination:

Head & Neck

Look at your face and neck. Do both sides look the same? Look for any lumps, bumps or swellings that are only on one side of the face.


Feel and press along the sides and front of your neck. Can you feel any tenderness or lumps?


Pull down your lower lip and look inside for any sores or change in colour. Next, use your thumb and forefinger to feel the lip for lumps, bumps or changes in texture. Repeat this on the upper lip.


Looking in a mirror, use your finger to pull out your cheek so that you can see inside. Look for red, white or dark patches. Put your index finger inside of your cheeks and your thumb on the outside. Gently squeeze and roll the cheek to check for any lumps, tenderness or ulcers.

The Mouth

Run your finger on the roof of your mouth to feel for any lumps. Repeat this on the floor of your mouth.


Stick out your tongue and look at the surface for any changes in colour or texture. Look at one side first, then the other side for any swellings, changes in colour or ulcers. Make sure you examine the underside of the tongue.

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