Repair Your Teeth

Teeth unfortunately sometimes need repairing due to wear, decay and breakages.

There are many ways to repair teeth but the most commonly used techniques are fillings and crowns. There are also different materials that can be used such as metallic, resin and ceramic based materials.

Below are some recent patient cases. If you have teeth that you need fixed, get in touch with us today for more information.

Below are some of the materials and techniques that we use to repair teeth:

FillingsCrownsVeneersRoot Canal TherapyFissure Sealant


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How do I prevent decay?

Dental decay is the decalcification and weakening of your teeth. It is caused due the bacteria in your mouth feeding on the sugars you eat and drink producing an acid. It is this acid that softens your teeth resulting in cavities.

The best way to prevent decay is to have good oral hygiene, to reduce the amount of sugary things you consume, and to lead a healthy lifestyle.
If you have any concerns regarding tooth wear please call us and we can advise you accordingly.

How do I prevent tooth wear?

Tooth wear is commonly caused by grinding and clenching, as well as acid erosion. It is becoming more prevalent as we are living longer, and the accumulative effects of tooth wear are for some noticeable. Some notice shortening of their teeth and discolouration. Others experience frequent breakages and chipped edges.

Acid erosion can be caused by systemic problems such as heart burn or reflux. It can also be caused by acid in our diet such as the frequent intake of fruit or fruit juice.

Grinding and clenching is commonly associated with stress. For some they experience discomfort in the jaw and facial muscles,

To prevent further tooth wear it involves you making small lifestyle changes in terms of your diet and wellbeing.
If you have any concerns regarding tooth wear please call us and we can advise you accordingly.

What happens if my tooth cannot be repaired?

If your tooth has decayed or broken beyond repair unfortunately the best thing long term would be to have the tooth removed. This would eliminate the risk of further problems such as pain and infections. For some people they opt to prolong the inevitable by leaving the tooth. Some people get lucky and have no problems for months or sometimes years. However, some people are not so lucky and have persistent problems.

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members.

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