Single Back Tooth

For some having a missing back tooth can affect their ability to eat their favourite foods. Being unable to chew food effectively through not having back teeth can impact upon your diet. Having a dental implant and crown is a great solution for replacing a back tooth as it brings back your confidence in eating your favourite foods. We at the implant centre enjoy replacing back teeth with dental implants as it is great to see our patients gain confidence in their bite and smile.

The example given is someone who had a missing upper premolar. They had tolerated a denture for many years but felt it did not assist them with chewing food. After exploring the options to replace the tooth they opted for a dental implant and crown. A dental implant was placed 4 weeks after the initial consultation and we fitted the crown 10 weeks after the implant was placed. The patient was delighted with the aesthetic result and is now eating their favourite foods.

Single Back Tooth Implant

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