Single Front Tooth

For some having a missing front tooth can affect self esteem and confidence. Having a dental implant and crown is a great solution for replacing a front tooth as it brings back the feeling that the tooth is your own. We at the implant centre enjoy seeing the patient journey when replacing front teeth with a dental implant as it is great to see our patients regain their confidence and smile

The example given is someone who fractured a front tooth and had no other option but to have it removed. They did not want a bridge due to a previous one failing and they did not want a denture long term. They therefore opted for a dental implant and crown. We removed the tooth and allowed the area to heal for 8 weeks and in this time they had a temporary denture. At 8 to 10 weeks we checked that the implant had been successful and then proceeded to make a crown. The patient went to our laboratory to have a shade match to allow for a bespoke crown to be made. The crown was fitted 12 weeks after the tooth was removed.

Single Front Tooth Implant

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